If you are new to Creston or if you have moved and require bus service for your children, please call transportation director, Bob Beatty, (641)782-4720.

Creston Bus Schedule
 Building  AM-Breakfast 2nd AM Pickup  Start of Day   Dismissal  PM Drop-off
 Early Childhood  7:20AM 7:40AM  8:10AM  3:10PM   3:45PM
Elementary   --  -- 8:10AM   3:20PM  --
Middle School   --  -- 8:00AM  3:22PM  -- 
St. Malachy   -- 7:35AM  8:20AM   3:10PM  3:45PM
 Lincoln  7:20AM  7:30AM  -- --   3:45PM
Jefferson  7:25AM   --  -- --  3:45PM 
High School   -- --  8:00AM  3:15PM   --
501 S Vine  7:20AM  -- --  --  3:45PM 
McKinley/Kirby   -- 7:30AM  --   -- 3:45PM 
Crest Baptist Church  7:30AM  --  --  --  3:45PM 

Transportation Director
Bob Beatty
801 W. Towline 
Creston, Iowa  50801

Bus Information

The Creston School District runs 8 rural bus routes under the Direction of Bob Beatty. 

Bus Conduct Policy

REFERENCE: Creston Board of Directors
Policy No. 7.30
Student Conduct Regulations - Schools Buses



Waiting For And Boarding The Bus

Always approach the bus in a safe, cautious manner. Do not run or race to the bus.  If other pupils are lined up, please do not budge, push or shove. Stand in line quietly, keeping your hands, feet, and school bags to yourself.

Board the bus only at the driver's signal or when the adult on bus duty gives permission.

 On The Bus

Pupils are to be seated immediately upon entering the bus and are to remain seated facing the front until they arrive at their destination. (State law mandates that no pupil is to be standing at any time while the bus is moving.) Students will sit in seats according to the driver's instructions.  Assigned seats may be used if necessary.

 Students are to refrain from loud talking, shouting or making other distracting noises.  This also includes yelling out the windows. Profanity is prohibited, as is singing or chanting. Students are not to hang heads, arms, or anything else from the bus windows, no matter whether the bus is parked or moving. Do not throw any objects out the windows.

 General rules that are enforced in school also apply on the bus. In particular, it is expected that pupils will keep their feet out of the aisles, not throw things and generally refrain from doing anything that disrupts the safety and well-being of any or all bus passengers. Students will be held financially responsible for any intentional damage to the interior of the bus, including the seats.

 Anyone using or riding in school vehicles are expected to keep the vehicles clean and use proper wast receptacles.

 Students are expected to obey all commands of the driver and to show proper respect at all times. He/She is charged with the responsibility of transporting pupils safely to the assigned destination. With that task comes the need for demanding and expecting from all passengers a sense of cooperation in demonstrating safe and proper behavior at all times, so as not to distract the driver.

Leaving The Bus

Pupils should remain seated until the bus stops and/or until the driver gives permission or instructions as to the order or procedure for unloading. Pupils should use the steps one at a time; do not jump from the bus. Walk, do not run as you depart and move from the bus.


Permission must be attained prior to a pupil riding a bus that he/she normally does not ride. It is recommended that parents send a written note to be signed by the principal or his/her designee prior to boarding the bus. A telephone call will do if time does not allow for a note.

 The available bus transportation is a privilege that carries with it some responsibilities on the part of the pupil passengers. Students are expected to cooperate with the drivers and bus loading supervisors.  The rules and regulations are intended to provide as safe and as pleasant transportation as possible. Any pupil who chooses to knowingly disobey the rules will be seriously jeopardizing his/her opportunity to ride the school bus.

Any bus passenger who cannot abide by accepted rules and regulations for bus transportation will be denied that privilege.A "first offense" will be a written notification to the student's parents that a behavior problem exists, which needs their attention. A "second offense" will deny bus transportation for a period of two weeks. A "third offense" will deny bus transportation for the remainder of that given school year.  If the child is in Kindergarten, the second offense will require a meeting with the parents, Principal, and Transportation Director to discuss the behavior.  “Third offense” will deny bus transportation for a period of two weeks.  A “fourth offense” will deny for the remainder of that given school year.

 The procedure shown above shall be followed until such time as relative changes are made in the Code of Iowa, the Iowa Administrative Code or the Creston Community School District Board Policy and/or the Creston Administrative Regulation.         


APPROVED: July 16, 2012