Special Education Program

Special education is specially designed instruction that meets the unique needs of an individual with a disability. Our mission is to ensure that all students with disabilities receive a free appropriate education that meets the individual's needs in the least restrictive environment. We have a full continuum of options available to students with disabilities.

If a parent suspects their child may have a disability, they are encouraged to contact the child's teacher or principal. In an attempt to fully understand the child's educational needs and provide appropriate intervention, the problem solving approach is used. A school-based team will determine discrepancy from peers, rate of educational progress and instructional need of the individual student. If it is determined special education services are required, the student is then determined to be eligible for special education services as an 'entitled individual'.

The individualized education plan (IEP) for services is developed by a team of educators and individuals who know the student best including the child's parents.

Special Education Belief Statements:

  • All students should be provided the necessary and appropriate supports to make them successful learners (Accommodations and Modifications)
  • Specially designed instruction will be provided according to each student’s IEP and his/her unique learning styles
  • Educational decisions are based on frequent evaluation of various forms of data
  • We believe that all students achieve success in their least restrictive environment based on individual learning needs
  • We  believe positive relationships and collaboration among all  IEP team members (parents, students, teachers, AEA, support staff),  will  result  in  making  decisions  in  the  best  interest  of  students.
  • Staff must receive professional development, follow-up modeling, and coaching to ensure effectiveness and fidelity at all levels of instruction.

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Contact: Kevin Teno, Director of Educational Services