Creston Community School District
Board of Directors Meeting
September 19, 2016
Board Room
801 N. Elm
Meeting - 6 PM

1.  Call to order. Roll Call
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Consent Items
A.  Minutes
B.  Financial Reports
C.  Bills
D.  Contracts and Resignations Updated
E.  Consent Items - Prescott
4.  Old Business
A. None
5.  Public Forum
6.  Adjournment

 1.  Call to order. Roll Call
 2.  Approval of Agenda
 3.  Election of President, Vice-President and Oath of Offices
 4.  Approval of Date, Time and Location of Regular Board Meeting
Third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room
 5.  Approval of Banks and Official Depositories (Iowa State Savings Bank and ISJIT)
 6.  Resolution Naming Official Newspaper for Publication (Creston News Advertiser)
 7.  Appointment of School Board Secretary
 8. Appointment of School Board Treasurer
 9. Appointment of School Attorney
10. New Business
11.  Communications and Reports
A.  District Data Sharing
B.  Principal Reports
a.  Callie Anderson and Scott Driskell
C.  Business Manager 's Report
D.  Superintendent's Report
a.  SAC Board Report Questions
b.  Teacher Leadership Compensation (TLC) update
c.  Bus Inspection Update
12.  Board Discussion
13.  Adjournment/Future Meetings
Regular Board Meeting - Monday, October 17 at 6:00 p.m.