Creston Community School District
Board of Directors Meeting
December 19, 2016  (Updated 1-6-17)


Board Room / 801 N. Elm/Meeting - 6 PM

The vision of the Creston C.S.D. is to provide the foundation for students to become
lifelong learners, and positive, confident and compassionate citizens.

1.  Call to order. Roll Call
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Consent Items
B.  Financial Reports
C.  Bills
4.  Old Business
A. None
5.  Public Forum
6.  New Business
A.  Consideration of Early Retirement
B.  Recognition of Students and Staff
C.  Subject Area Committee Report - PE and CTE
D.  Approval of Fundraisers
7.  Communications and Reports
A.  District Data Sharing
Iowa School Report Card/School Ranking System
B.  Principals Report
a.  Brad Baker
MS Fall Conference Results
MS Student Success Flow Chart
MS Tech Demonstrations and Examples
b.  Jeff Bevins
C.  Director of Educational Services
D.  Business Manager's Report
E.  Superintendent's Report
8.  Board Discussion
9.  Adjournment/Future Meetings
Regular Board Meeting: Monday, January 16 at 6:00 p.m.