Creston Community School District
Board of Directors Meeting
March 27, 2017


Board Room/801 N. Elm/Meeting - 6 PM

The vision of the Creston C.S.D. is to provide the foundation for students to become
lifelong learners, and positive, confident and compassionate citizens.

1.  Call to order. Roll Call
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Consent Items
A.  Minutes
a.  2-20-17
b.  3-6-17
B.  Financial Reports
C.  Bills
4.  Old Business
A. None
5.  Public Forum
6.  New Business
B.  Approval of Fundraisers and Donations
C.  Subject Area Committee Report
D.  Approval Board Policy 910 Facility Rental Regulations
E.  Approval of Budget Guarantee
F.   Approval of Educational Services Contracts with SWCC
G.  Approval of Sharing Agreement with Murray Community Schools
H.  Approval of Facility Mowing Quotes

I.   Approval of Mower Quote
J.  Approval of Administration Reduction in Force
K.  Approval of Driver's Education 
L.  Approval of Welder Bids
7.  Communications and Reports
A.  Principals Report
a. Callie Anderson and Scott Driskell
Elementary Use of Technology
b. Bill Messerole
B.  Business Manager's Report
C.  Superintendent's Report
8.  Board Discussion
9.  Adjournment/Future Meetings
Budget Hearing:  Monday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m.
Regular Board Meeting: Monday, April 17 at 6:00 p.m.