Creston Community School District
Board of Directors Meeting
May 15, 2017


Board Room/801 N. Elm/Meeting - 6 PM

The vision of the Creston C.S.D. is to provide the foundation for students to become
lifelong learners, and positive, confident and compassionate citizens.

1.  Call to order. Roll Call
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Consent Items
B.  Financial Reports
C.  Bills
4.  Old Business
A. None
5.  Public Forum
6.  New Business
A.  Recognition of Students and Staff (Updated)
B.  FFA Presentation (move to June board meeting)
C.  Approval of Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program Contracts
D.  Approval of Fundraisers and Donations
E.   Approval of AEA Cooperative Food Purchasing Agreement
F.   Approval of Sale of Lathes
G.   Review of Wellness Policy
H.   First Reading of Food Service Negative Meal Account Policy
I.    Approval to Increase MS Activity Admission Fees
J.   Approval to Increase Student Activity Fees
K.  Certified Master Contracts (2017-2018)
L.  Classified Master Contracts (2017-2018)
M.  Approval of Copier Quotes
7.  Communications and Reports
A.  District Data Sharing
B.  Principals Report
a. Callie Anderson and Scott Driskell
Using Technology in the Classroom
Kindergarten Kickoff Numbers
b. Bill Messerole
Graduation Plans
c.  Kevin Teno
C.  Business Manager's Report
D.  Superintendent's Report
a.  2017-2018 Staffing
8.   Closed Session: Exempt Negotiations Meeting Chapter 20.17(3)
9.    Approval of Administrative Contracts (2017-2018)
10.  Superintendent's Evaluation (Closed Session 21.5(1)(i))
11   Board Discussion
12.  Adjournment/Future Meetings
Regular Board Meeting: Monday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m.